Smuggling Fall - Loves The Han2C2H You Hate.


Chilly evenings

I'm sitting here trying to stay warm in the evening. The first autumn storm is raging outside the window and has been going on since yesterday. Rain and wind, it sounds like our normal everyday weather in recent months, but the fact is that now it's really fall, you can hear it in the wind around the corner, and feel it in the rain which is a cold and merciless autumn rain and not a warm kind summer rain. No, there's no mistake. It's noticeable indoors as well. After showering in the evening, it's difficult to get warm again, but ...

Good for everyone

I think everyone should were a panic alam just in case. you never know what can happened. And therefor it should be good if everyone had a panics alarm to feel safer and to be able to get help quicker if something would happen. How ever one should always be careful and think before doing something and try not to walk alone if its possible to avoid it. That way you are safer then walking alone. But its so good that the technology is getting so much better that we now have these kind of things.

Bad boating

Today we went boating. We have a rigid inflatable boat, that's a rubberboat with a polyester hull. This boat is quite fast and even with 4 adults and 5 kids in the boat (as we had today) you can still reach a reasonable speed, so it's easy to go somewhere, have a coffee and go back before the kids get bored. However, today I forgot to put in a plug that's underwater. The boat slowly filled itself with water, which resulted in it being about 1000 kg heavier and not being able to go fast anymore. The trip became a ...